Friday, December 28, 2012

Positive Interaction Challenge

I want school to be a positive place for kids to come and learn.  I want excitement and joy to be associated with school.  I want teachers who want to be around kids and enjoy their jobs.  This has to be an everyday part of the school culture.

It's easy to get stuck in the negative.  It's easy to only make a call home because we have to address a negative.  What if every parent received a call from the school? What if this time, the call was about how great their child did on an assignment or how well behaved the student is in class?  What if the call was about improvement? What if the call was simply to say I enjoy have your daughter in class.

My challenge to begin the next semester
  • Find a positive in every kid and let them know about it  
  • Voluntary to participate-with the challenge to get all teachers to participate
  • Record the positive contact in a google doc for all teachers to see
Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that hasn't been done before.  Hopefully something that will connect the school and home in a positive way.

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