Friday, December 28, 2012

Dream Big, Fail Big

"Dream big, fail big."  I don't think this is an original statement and I know for sure that it's not my original statement.  When Andy Farber came to Arlington to be the High School principal, this is what he told our staff.  This mentality is needed to do great things.  It is the acceptance that not everything will be perfect the first time.  It is permission to try something big.  Without big ideas, nothing would get done, nothing would ever change.

Creating an environment where innovation is valued is important and freeing to the staff.  It's the idea that even when we aren't 100% sure it (whatever it is) will work, we still try.  We still innovate.  We still take risks.

Dream big, fail big and support each other in ideas that attempt to do what is right for kids.
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