Friday, January 30, 2015

Sending the right message with your grades

What do I teach?  

Do I teach students responsibility, content, or character?  

If you answered all 3, you are right.  Aren't all 3 important? Can one grade show everything for these 3 diverse topics? It is hard to get an accurate reflection of anything when we mix in everything. I want to use grades to help determine next steps. The next step is very different for the following 2 students and yet the overall grade would not tell me what to do to help these students.

Student 1
5/5 brought in Kleenex
7/10 Math Assessment 1
5/5 covered book
10/10 homework
10/10 homework
6/10 Math Assessment 2
3/0 Bonus-"Math Selfie"

46/50 =92% = B+

Student 2
0/5 Kleenex
10/10 Math Assessment 1
0/5 Covered Book
10/10 homework
0/10 homework
10/10 Math Assessment 2
0/0 Bonus "Math Selfie"

30/50 = 60% = F

Can these grades help me determine who needs an intervention for responsibility? Can these grades give who needs intervention for "Effort?" Can these tell me who needs an academic intervention?

Effort, responsibility, and academics are all important.  They must be given separate grades in order to use grades to intervene.

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