Monday, January 6, 2014

Initiatives that focus on Feedback

Initiatives that focus on Feedback using Formative Assessments
(Johnson Crossing's 13-14 Initiatives)
Formative Assessment
Create Common Formative Assessments
Use formative assessments as a feedback tool for students and make instructional decisions based on the data provided by common formative assessments.
Learn to implement formative assessments
Use feedback to adjust instruction.
Use formative assessments to improve student learning prior to assigning grades
Change from a “summative” approach to a feedback first approach.  Grades are assigned after students have gotten a chance to learn from the feedback.

PLC-Process to answer these questions:
  • What do we want students to learn? (Essential learnings)
  • How will we know they learned it? (Common formative assessments)
  • What will we do when they haven’t learned it? (Interventions)
  • What will we do when they have learned it? (Enrichment)

KLT-Learn strategies that inform instruction-formative assessments.

Grading-Make a grading system that is “for learning” and gives actionable feedback.
  • Move grading from fixed mindset to growth mindset
  • Connects learning as a part of the process rather than the endpoint (grade)
  • Move grading to giving feedback and improvement
    • How you do at the end is more important than how you did while learning
  • Separates behavior from academic

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