Monday, January 6, 2014

Focus on Feedback

Feedback-is one of the most powerful tools a teacher has to improve learning. (see Hattie’s effect size)

  • Does the feedback inform students of what they are doing?
  • How is the feedback presented?
    • Is the feedback presented in a non-competitive way?
    • Is the feedback presented with a growth mindset?
    • Does the learner participate in collecting data or analyzing how they are doing in relation to the learning target?
  • Does the feedback relate to the learning target?
    • What is my goal?
    • Where progress have I made towards my goal?
    • What actions must be taken to move towards my goal?
  • Does the feedback help the student become more aware of their own learning?

Growth Mindset
  • Sees academic performance as able to improve
  • With work, a student can improve his grade
Fixed Mindset
  • Sees intelligence as you got it or you don’t
  • Students see themselves as unable to improve because they are either smart or not smart

Implications on Feedback
Fixed mindset
  • “Wow, you did great, you are so smart.”
  • “Nice job, you are really good at Math.”
  • “You missed 3 out of the 5 questions-you get an F”
  • Yet-“You haven’t solved this equation yet.”
  • Already-“What do you already  know?”
  • Comments are process oriented-“That is an effective strategy.”

Feedback and Formative Assessments

  • Assessments are formative if they are giving feedback that is actionable and will improve student learning.
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