Thursday, April 4, 2013

Positive NeSA Test Message-Duck Dynasty Style

Message from my wife to my 3rd grade son before his NeSA test.  Gotta love it.


Hey, look here Jack.  Today is the day you get to show off your mental prowess.  Just like the black panther in the woods, you are going to go in to this quiet and concentrated, then you’re gonna pounce on that NeSA and show it who’s boss.  Hey, keep in mind, you’re so dope, you’re illegal in 50 states.  You can slam this in their face.  You can slam this in their Momma’s face.  Hey, there’s some people that’s got it, and some people who don’t got it, you’ve always had it, you’ve always had it. Hey, do your best and forget the rest, Jack.  That’s Rule #1.  

Good luck, from Mom and Uncle Si!
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