Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Academic Pep Rally: Johnson Crossing Idol

NeSA testing is about to begin at Johnson Crossing.  In preparation for the big week, we held our final Academic Pep Rally-Johnson Crossing Idol.  Ten different groups of students competed to be the Johnson Crossing Idol by creating songs about the NeSA test.  The panel of judges consisted of teachers who listened to the songs and pointed out the great testing tips.

As the judges chose the winners, the students were treated to the "NeSA Shake," which was created by their teachers.

Several winners were announced and their videos will be coming to this site soon.  For now, I've included the teacher's NeSA Shake.

Johnson Crossing Idol was a huge success due to two awesome counselors (Mr. Sutton and Ms. Bottorff) and a whole bunch of teachers who were willing to have a little fun to show the kids that they cared about them and that they are cheering them on going into the testing weeks.

Now is "Our Time to Shine" as we get to do our "personal best" going into the NeSA testing window.

Good luck to all of the students and have fun with the upcoming weeks.
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