Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scheduling for what Matters

Curriculum driven Schedule
Our students need a broad education that will prepare them for a wide array of future interests.  Time is a finite resource and therefore scheduling is the allotment of resources based on a variety of factors.  Below is a framework of factors such as research based effect sizes, state accountability, important curriculum areas outside of the state accountability system, support systems, and a variety of logistical factors.

Hattie's Effect Size-
These items are research based, can be addressed in a schedule, and are said to have the greatest impact on
student learning.  

  • Adapt Schedule for student's prior cognitive ability (HAL and Sped)
  • Instructional Quantity
  • Create a schedule that allows acceleration
  • Schedule programming to consider home factors (Homework like TSP)
  • Bilingual programs
  • Peer Tutoring program (homeroom)
  • Allow adequate teacher in-service education
  • Parent involvement
  • Schedule to allow remediation and mastery learning (Enrichment and Intervention)

Nebraska State Accountability
Areas of greatest emphasis

  • Reading
  • Math

Other Areas of Emphasis

  • Science
  • Writing

Curriculum Outside of the Nebraska Accountability System
Social Studies, Music, Art, PE, Band, and Computers/Media/Technology

Support Curriculum
Character Education, Homeroom, Enrichment and Intervention, Sped and HAL

Logistical Scheduling issues

  • Flexibility vs Dictating minutes for each class
  • Common Plan Time-Interdisciplinary
  • Common Plan Time-Department
  • Team composition-3, 4, or 5 teacher teams

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