Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grading for Mastery: Learning to Ride a Bike

Grading for Mastery:  Learning to ride a bike

Instructional adjustment
Unable to ride the bike.  Unable to balance.
Training wheels
Able to ride the bike but is wobbly and may have to stop often to regain balance.
Hold the bike as the student begins. Let go.  Allow for practice time. Allow student frequent stops. If unsuccessful, put the training wheels back on.
Able to ride the bike for a long distance without stopping.
Allow practice time.  Begin introducing tricks.
Able to ride bike and perform tricks and can confidently ride at higher speeds.
Allow for some practice and then move on to unicycle

Traditional Grading: Learning to ride the bike

Assessment will be graded based on the percentage of feet riden on a 100 foot ride.  Points will be taken off when a student has to stop to regain balance.

Student 1
Attempt 1 = 100%
Attempt 2 = 85% (actually went 100 feet but did it a day late-my policy is 15% off per day late)
Attempt 3 = 100%
Attempt 4 = 0% (did not do the test)
Attempt 5 = 100%
Average 77%=D+

Student 2
Attempt 1 = 70%
Attempt 2 = 75%
Attempt 3 = 70%
Attempt 4 = 85%
Attempt 5 = 85%
Average 77% =D+

Given that both students received a D+, should the intervention be the same for both children?
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